GW Studio

Artistic director :
Johan Chauffaille ; Thomas Dorat

GW Studio is a professional recording studio that has the distinction of being housed in a bus.


Partitioned into several parts integrating the cab miking and governance, the vehicle is soundproofed and has an acoustic correction as traditional studios.

It is equipped with equipment to capture, recording and mixing.


In addition to being portable, the studio is self-sufficient in electricity for 3 weeks and has a toilet area and a kitchenette.


For the comfort of artists it is equipped with air conditioning in every room as well as benches, and finally the mobile studio can fit in tourbus.


Need to move, now is the studio that comes to you!

Johan Chauffaille (President) and Thomas Dorat (Managing Director ) met in 2006 at the high school Les Catalins Montelimar.

They studied together STI Electronics Engineering section .


Two young musicians passionate about music began as a teenager to save their home studio useful for their musical training at the time.


The desire of wanting to develop the world of events came quickly : in 2006, they participate in the creation of an open campus for 1600 spectators at a school arts scene, a success repeated every year since .


The idea of ​​mobile recording studio imposed itself naturally :

- Create a traditional studio with a limited catchment area did not suit us ; Difficulty to fill the backlog, expensive breakdowns loads ...

- Some musicians do not have the ability to move

- Responding to an eccentric clientele

- Provide the ability to access a studio quality at lower cost


By dint of experience in various trades , friends and associates wish to make their passion their profession and have decided to launch this innovative project born on the day of July 29, 2011.

Catalogue / Artists


Kill Franklin




Reportage FR3

Booking agencies & live producers
  • Live producer
Music industry
  • Label
  • Music distribution
  • Music publishers
  • Recording studio
Electronic music
French songs
Jazz and improvised music
Pop - rock - metal - punk
Traditional and world music
hip hop - funk - reggae
Year of creation : 2011

GW Studio
Les Pontillons
07210 Saint Lager Bressac
+33(0)6 59 42 60 60

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