Venue or festival

Quai de Scène

Artistic director :
Serge Bayo

Quai de Scène, art room and live trials to 80 people, in the heart of the Armailler. Shows, concerts, cabarets, exhibitions, residencies, workshops, courses ... The objective of the site is to encourage emulation and artistic creation: to support, initiate or encourage innovative projects.

Three lines of development: Dissemination, Support to the creation and Formation.Et a strong desire to meet the inhabitants of the neighborhoods of the city, the chipboard of the same territory in a highly responsible approach and a clear multidisciplinary.


capacity : 80 seats+20
Number of shows : 20
which :
  • Number of music shows/concert : 4
  • Number of dance shows : 1
  • Number of theatre shows : 12
  • Number of street art shows : 2
  • Number of digital art Shows : 1
Year of creation : 2010

Quai de Scène
5 rue Gaspard Monge
26500 Bourg-Lès-Valence
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With the support of Bourg-Lès-Valence, the General Council of Drôme and CDDRA

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