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Artistic director :
Collectif Renc'arts

Renc'Arts is above all a place where members come to work of artists, companies in residence, through various artistic fields, dance, theater, circus, puppetry, songs, art.

Small forms, research and multidisciplinary creations, structured companies, artists or collectives are everywhere, meet, exchange ... shared office spaces are leased to directors and equipment storage areas are provisions artists and partner companies.

We are also available to our local talent for courses throughout the year and occasional workshops.
This is a place to meet, exchange, at the intersection of information and know-how ..

Finally, Renc'Arts organized outside the walls in which they offer to artists and partner companies to present their show events.


Renc'Arts is managed by a group of artists since 2008 association. The team has heart to allow companies and artists to work in a professional environment.


Aouste les caravanes

A festival of performances and art forms caravan open to all public!

Renc'Arts à Paques

2nd off the festival organized by Renc'Arts whose purpose is to promote the artists and companies who worked Renc'Arts and propose to the people of Aouste on sye and valley a festive and artistic moment walls!

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Rehearsal space

Renc'Arts proposes a system of quarterly convention for professional artists or companies. Price equivalent to the cost of primarily rental expenses (rent, heat, water) It provides them with a kitchen area and an internet connection.

Year of creation : 2008

  • Contemporary theatre
  • Dance/Theatre
  • Improvisation
  • Puppet theatre
  • artisans: costume, souffleur de verre
Quartier la Pialle
26400 Aouste sur Sye
Required mentions and partners

Renc'Arts is primarily self-funded.

La Nacre