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Cie Belle&Fou

Artistic director :
Robert Magurno

With for objective, the live performance in all its forms… All sails, at discovered outside new artistic horizons, an invitation with the voyage, the imaginary one, the meeting…

Robert Magurno (Actor - Director)


Robert follows the academy of Avignon (1991/92) with Louis Beyler and Pascal Papini. It improves during many training courses, with the Clown, MIME, Improvisation, Escrime, Chant, Danse… and more particularly with the Russian method with Boris Rabey, and the commédia dell' arte with Carlo Boso.


He plays of traditional like contemporary, in parts of Serge Valetti ; Voltaire ; Matéï Visniec ; Molière ; Lope de Vega ; Louis Calaferte; Octave Mirbeau; Tchékhov ; Marivaux ; Dario Fo ; G.F. Walker ; Vian...


In settings in scenes of Pascal Papini ; Bernard Granjean ; Philippe Clément ; Michel Laforest ; Gilles Droulez ; Christian Nadin ; Arnaud Chabert ; Fabien Timon ; Luca Franchesci ; Olivier Porcu ...





That could be called “intimate Confessions of a heroin”, but that is called, “Trisunique”


“Trisunique” echoes Trisomique, with the other, different… “Exceptional”.


Bertille, déboule a such modern goddess, harnessed her stories. She invents the ritual ones which reassures it and in which she is a place. She says “the short period which misses” and clings to its dream, that to be “a star under fires of the slope”. It is its take-off.

©Robert Magurno

Au P'tit Manège

Funny and poetic spectacle or one meets, Bertille and Pétunia, two clowns malicious and impetuous. They are filled with wonder, with all their talent and their inventiveness, around this “p' tit horse-gear”, where surprising surprised surprise them…


A small horse-gear in form of limps with music, giantess!


Petunia is insane of joy of offering it to Bertille, her friend dancer of limps with music. But to the great displeasure of Bertille, the horse-gear remains hopelessly quiet. As by enchantment, Pétunia blows of the mélodieuses notes and involves Bertille in a merry adventure…

©Robert Magurno

Year of creation : 2012

  • Clown
  • Contemporary theatre
  • Improvisation
  • Puppet theatre
231, rue Vendôme
69003 Lyon
06 76 58 81 21
Required mentions and partners / 231, rue Vendome 69003 Lyon /

Licences : 2-1067637 / 3-1067638


Président : Frédéric Calas / Trésorière : Florence Nougier

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