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Directeur artistique :
Benoit Bel

A Human Adventure


Founded by Benoit Bel in 2010, Mikrokosm is a 500m2 space dedicated to music production in the center of Lyon, France. We believe every session to be an opportunity for a great human adventure, so we commit to demanding productions as well as emerging projects with the same energy and ambition.


With two studios, three tracking rooms and a mobile recording service, Mikrokosm is able to cater for a wide range of projects and budgets.


Benoit Bel


Owner / Producer / Engineer / Composer


Benoit forged his musical and sonic identity in Iceland alongside his mentors Valgeir Sigurdsson and Mio Thorrisson, working at Greenhouse Studios with artists such as Björk, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Kate Nash and the creative Bedroom Community.


Now in his own studios Bel performs, writes and arranges mainly for albums, but also for cinema, live performance and contemporary art. His productions defend a crafts oriented but demanding vision of music, highlighting tone, space, experimentation and live performance.


Catalogue / Artistes

Just to name a few


Thurston Moore, Herman Düne, Jay Jay Johanson, Chris Garneau, Alexandre Astier, Stephen Marley, Benoît Pioulard, Witxes, Crâne Angels, Oiseaux-Tempête, Lonely Walk, Griefjoy, Joe Bel, Arlt, Spitzer, Benjamin Fincher, Farewell Poetry, Duane Pitr, Clara Clara, I Come From Pop, Alexis & the Brainbow, and many many more...


Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Pathé, France Television, In Finé, Arty Farty, Canal +, TF1, BBC...


Mikrosession #2 Jay Jay Johansson



Mikrokosm invites artists to take over the studio,

the result is a Mikrosession.


Performed by Jay Jay Johanson @ Mikrokosm recording studios 22 Nov. 2011

P & © 2011 Mikrokosm, all rights reserved




Mikrosession #8 Griefjoy - Taste Me



Griefjoy recorded their first album to be release on ARISTA France at Mikrokosm one year ago and goes back to where it all started.

Taste me is the first publication of a 3 pieces video work.


Mikrokosm invites artists to take over the studio,

the result is a Mikrosession.


Performed by Griefjoy (courtesy of Arista FRANCE) @ Mikrokosm recording studios 5 january 2013

Recorded, Mixed & Masterd by Benoit Bel @ Mikrokosm recording studios.

Assistant Jeremie Nicolas

Director / Editor Clément Fessy

Photography Elsa Devèze

Pictures Thibaut de Rohan, Elsa Devèze, Yves Monnier

Executive Production MAF



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Jazz et musiques improvisées
Musique classique et contemporaine
Musiques traditionnelles et du monde
Musiques électroniques
Pop - rock - metal - punk
Année de création : 2011

Mikrokosm recording studios
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